Stamping and forming technology

A wide range of presses with a pressing force of up to 800 tons, combined with decades of experience, technical expertise and innovative spirit, make us the ideal and flexible partner in the field of stamping and forming technology.

Our diversity is reflected, among other things, in our state-of-the-art machinery. Various hydraulic and mechanical presses are used here in combination with automated conveyor systems.

We attach particular importance to the durability of our tools in order to ensure the cost-effective manufacture of your products.

We also guarantee delivery reliability coupled with high quality in small and medium batch sizes. In addition, our growing machine park and increasing automation mean that even larger production batches can be realized without any problems.

This not only makes us the ideal partner for complex orders, but also for projects where speed coupled with consistently high quality is an important requirement – because we manufacture all components from a single source, repair tools directly on site, monitor the entire process chain from planning to delivery and always ensure short coordination channels.

02-stanz-umformtechnik_0001_IMS 180T Folgeverbund

For us, thinking in µ means
precision, passion and
the pursuit of unique quality.

For us, thinking in µ means
precision, passion and
the pursuit of unique quality.

Technical data

Quality, variety and speed are our specialties! With 27 modern presses of different tonnages and designs, we cover a wide range of products.

Eccentric presses
  • 1x 200 kN
  • 3x 300 kN
  • 2x 500 kN
  • 1x 800 kN
  • 1x 1000 kN
  • 1x 1250 kN
  • 1x 1800 kN with coil line
  • 1x 2000 kN
  • 1x 630 kN with coil line
Hydraulic presses
  • 2x 630 kN
  • 5x 1250 kN
  • 1x 1600 kN
  • 2x 2000 kN
  • 1x 3150 kN
  • 1x 4000 kN
  • 1x 8000 kN
  • 1x 8000 kN with coil line
  • 1x 2000 kN coil line

Benefit from these factors

Fast response & short coordination channels

High vertical range of manufacture

Modern machinery

Small, medium and large quantities

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