Vibratory grinding and parts cleaning

Vibratory finishing is a process for surface treatment of metallic workpieces that relies on a combination of mechanical and chemical effects. With the right mixture of abrasive media and so-called compounds (additives in an aqueous solution), any desired surface can be achieved in terms of material removal, roughness and deburring. Using mass finishing technology, we can offer precision parts with a surface finish or deep-drawn stainless steel components with rounded edges at low cost.

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For larger quantities, it is also possible to machine components made of low-alloy steels.

With our modern industrial washing systems, we can clean prefabricated components down to the smallest residual dirt particles. The maximum component dimensions are 800 x 400 mm for stainless steel and 500 x 360 mm for low-alloy steels, aluminium and galvanized components.

Thanks to our decades of experience in the metalworking industry, we know exactly how to process and clean workpieces and components precisely, efficiently and, above all, cost-effectively.

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Technical data

Washing system: size and materials

  • Stainless steel up to 800 x 400 mm
  • Low-alloy steels up to 500 x 360 mm
  • Galvanized components up to 500 x 360 mm
  • Aluminum up to 500 x 360 mm

Also possible for components made of low-alloy steels for larger quantities.

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