Spinning technology

Metal or form spinning is a non-cutting metal forming manufacturing process that is ideal for the production of rotationally symmetrical components in small and medium-sized quantities. We manufacture sheet metal parts using the cold forming process with CNC-controlled machines. In individual cases, this is also done manually.

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Based on your drawings or samples, we can produce your desired components from an initial blank diameter of max. 1000 mm, as well as from various materials such as steel (max. starting material thickness t=5mm), stainless steel (max. starting material thickness t=3 mm), aluminum, copper, brass, titanium and many other materials.

You can also obtain the necessary molds from us. One of the biggest advantages of spinning is that components can also be produced in small quantities with comparatively low tooling costs.

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GDH – strong in pressure!
We turn your idea
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GDH – strong in pressure! We turn your idea into a well-rounded thing!

Technical Data

  • Initial diameter of the blank max. 1000 m
  • Max. Starting material thickness in ST sheet t=5 mm
  • Max. Starting material thickness in VA sheet t=3 mm

Benefit from these factors

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Tool costs


Cost-effective solution
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